Launch and grow the community business you were always meant to build.

A course + ongoing community experience for thoughtful community leaders.Design an engaging community experience and grow a profitable business that increases connection for your members and for you.

Apply by March 17th to join our next live learning experience.

You already know your work has power when it’s shared in community with others.

You find joy in bringing people together.But starting or scaling a community business has been overwhelming and you don’t know where to go from here.

What if we worked together to build a community business that is deeply aligned with your values AND pays you real money?

You are a...

BACB Fall Curriculum


You’re working with clients 1:1 or in small groups and have witnessed the magic that happens when they’re given the space to support each other. You want a way to serve more people without needing to create more hours in the day.

BACB Fall Curriculum

Online Teacher

You want to build a premium community-based course that can charge more for and that your members will rave about. You may have built a course that students love and you want them to have the ongoing support to achieve their transformation.

BACB Fall Curriculum

Stressed Membership Community Leader

You’ve built a free or low-cost membership. It’s working! But the math of what it’ll take to make it a sustainable business is not adding up. You want to raise prices, start hiring and standardize your systems but you don’t know where to start.

You want to...

  • Build a community that is a small microcosm of the world you want to live in. Where people are generous in helping each other, where everyone is invested in nurturing their own and one another’s growth.

  • Scale your business without scaling your # of work hours. You want to lead a thriving community that still allows you to set strong boundaries on your work and doesn’t compromise your wellbeing.

  • Make new work friends who share your values and are ready to root for your success. You want to surround yourself with other ambitious and kind people who value collective growth and long-term connection.

BACB Fall Curriculum

You want to design a life and business that feels right to you. A business that doesn’t feel sleazy or makes you anxious while making the world feel more connected and whole.

Here's some of what you DON’T need in order to build a profitable community business aligned with your values.

  • You don’t need a large audience.

  • You don’t need to run ads.

  • You don’t need to switch community platforms (unless you want to!)

  • You don’t need to spend all day on social media to attract new members.

  • You don’t need to work 80-hour (or even 40-hour) weeks.

Here’s what happens when you commit to building a profitable and scalable community business.

  • You get the peace of mind of a business model that works, and grows in profitability over time.

  • You grow your impact by attracting and enrolling new members without feeling sleazy and too sale-sy.

  • You feel confident your members are happy, engaged and feel supported on their growth journey.

  • Your community needs less and less of your time.

If this is resonating, we'd love to help you get there.

BACB is a course and yearlong community experience designed to double your revenue and double your fulfillment as a community leader.

In our learning community you will...


Build a better relationship to your own sense of belonging. And meet other values-driven community founders to share the journey with.


Uplevel your ability to sell, facilitate and serve your members so that you can build a profitable and intentional community business.


Get clarity and hands-on support as you prepare to tell the world about your community and invite new members in.

It’s time to build a business that helps you build the world you want to live in.

No compromises needed.You’ll learn a step-by-step method for designing an engaging community experience and growing a profitable business that increases connection and belonging for your members and for you.

What you get


Immediate access to a library of video lessons. Go in order or skip around and choose your own adventure as you apply what you learn.

BACB Fall Curriculum


No need to take notes! Most lessons include a worksheet to summarize the concepts and help you apply what you learn to your own community business.

BACB Fall Curriculum


Small group coaching and a place to bring all your specific questions. Brainstorm and troubleshoot challenges with a group of your peers. Office Hours are all year round at least 2x times per month.

BACB Fall Curriculum


Hot Seats, coworking, venting sessions, member-hosted workshops are your opportunity to connect and learn from fellow community builders.

BACB Fall Curriculum


Access to the community on Circle where you can connect with peers, learn about topics not covered in the course lessons, get access to our tools database and find inspiration from communities of all stages, focuses and sizes.

BACB Fall Curriculum


We combine on-demand learning with intensive learning experiences where you learn in interactive live sessions while connecting with other members.Live learning lets you experience the frameworks and concepts in action as a community member yourself.Our next live learning experience will happen over 2 days on March 22nd and March 29th, 2023. Learn more here.To join, apply by March 17th.

BACB Fall Curriculum


Every season, you can the option to get matched with peers with complementary skills and knowledge for ongoing structured meetings for peer learning and support.

BACB Fall Curriculum

What you'll learn

The curriculum for BACB covers the topics below. The pre-recorded videos are designed to be a guided introduction to the topics while the yearlong community membership helps you troubleshoot as you go deeper and apply the learnings in your community.The content is separated into short video lessons. You're invited to choose your own adventure, skip what's not helpful to you and learn at your own pace.


We start by exploring your own relationship to connection and belonging and how to build a community that uniquely leverages it. How does building this community fit into who you want to become?
Lessons covered: Founder Story, Belonging & Connection, Scaling Leadership.

BACB Fall Curriculum


You'll create your business model story. We'll start by learning how to identify who your ideal members are, what they're looking for, and how to find and iterate on a community offer until what you provide is attractive to potential members and feels right to you.
Lessons covered: Community Business Models, Validation, and Pricing.

BACB Fall Curriculum


You'll build your ideal community experience map based on your unique member journey. You'll learn how to balance the different types of member activities you create and build an onboarding and engagement plan that works for your unique group.
Lessons covered: Bird's Eye View, Onboarding, Engagement.

BACB Fall Curriculum


How is selling community different from selling other products on the internet? You'll build your community funnel and take your members on a journey that is thoughtful and ethical as you invite them in.
Lessons covered: Crafting Offers, Channels, Community Funnel.

BACB Fall Curriculum


In these lessons we cover how to implement all that you've learned. You'll learn how to decide on a community platform, how to plan and manage a community launch or relaunch and how to begin the automate processes that are repeatable.
Lessons covered: Project Management, Platforms and Automation.

BACB Fall Curriculum

⚡️ Join Our Next Live Learning Experience ⚡️

Apply by March 17th!

Included in your community membership, is access to a live learning experience that happens 3-4 times a year. It's an interactive version of the core course lessons where you'll learn about community, while experiencing community yourself with other impressive founders.Though attending live is totally optional, we highly recommend it as a way to kickstart your learning and get the most out of the experience.Sessions for our next live learning experience will happen over 2 days on March 22nd and March 29th at 11 am to 3 pm ET. Click here to convert that time to your own time zone.

How it works

The live learning experience is an express onboarding to the community and content, meant to get you taking action. At the end of day 2, you’ll have an understanding of all the pieces of a community business and a clear blueprint of your next steps.The live lessons are not lectures and are not the same as the pre-recorded lessons. They’re your opportunity to learn and apply the information in one session. It will condense your learning and strategizing into 2 short days.You'll notice the Operations pillar isn't covered in these live sessions. Instead, we host regular Operations Office Hours that address your specific questions.Below is our schedule for the 2 days.

DAY 1 • MARCH 22nd


Explore your own relationship to connection and belonging and how to build a community that uniquely leverages it. You'll meet your cohort, explore your values and build an inspiring future vision you want to move towards.


In the second half of day 1, you'll create and test your business model story. We'll start by learning how to identify (or re-imagine) who your ideal members are, what they're looking for, and how to find and iterate on a community offer until what you provide is attractive to potential members and feels right to you. You’ll then workshop your business model draft in a small group of your peers.

DAY 2 • MARCH 29th


You'll build a draft of your ideal community experience based on your unique member growth journey. You'll learn how to balance the different types of member activities you create, build out repeatable structures and start an onboarding and engagement plan that works for your unique group.


How is selling community different from selling other products on the internet? You'll build your community funnel and take your members on a journey that is thoughtful and ethical as you invite them in.

These sessions are optional. Everything is recorded and annotated, in case you're not able to join live for any reason.

To join us live this season, apply by March 17th.

Stories from the BACB Community

“After running a free Facebook Group for 7 years with almost 5000 members, we wanted to explore if there was a way we could transition from a community to a community business. We had launched our community 2 months prior to joining but needed guidance (and maybe confidence) that we were headed in the right direction.Tatiana is truly an expert in this space. I appreciated the opportunity to join Office Hours sessions to get curated support from Tatiana and the community on my questions.We have invested more resources into our paid membership and reached a big milestone of surpassing 100 members shortly after our launch. We've also experimented with running different formats of events (like a town hall) and leveraging different platforms for marketing (like Instagram Live) thanks to the community and different modules and expert sessions.After all of us have been socially isolated in one way or another over the past 2 years, community is more important than ever. No matter where you are in your journey, BACB is there to help you every step of the way, from guest speakers to learning from your peers to modules that walk you through the framework of how to business your community and monetize it in a way that helps you support even more people."

Tiffany Yu, FOUNDER OF Diversability

Build a Community Business was brilliantly helpful (and fun).Tatiana is THE expert on this and has an incredibly calm and supportive manner which makes it all feel possible.A massive epiphany from the course was to see a community as a mirror of my friendship style that as an introvert I can/should create a community that is authentic to my style.

Caroline Goyder, Author & Course Creator

“Working with Tatiana has revolutionized my business. Before her coaching, I had put together one online course and wanted to create a community feel, but I was doing everything by hand in inefficient ways. The work was endless and the profit meager. One year later, I have created 4 more successful online courses and a thriving online community with hundreds of members who interact regularly."

Woniya Thibeault, Founder of Buckskin Revolution

“Build a Community Business is brilliant hands-on learning experience and Tatiana is a fabulous instructor and mentor.I was beta testing a community when I took the course, transitioning it from free to paid, making marketing, technology, and content decisions every day, and iterating new features every week. It was overwhelming! Tatiana provided a framework that grounded every step and connected every piece of the community building (and growing!) process. Her content and insights are unparalleled in this emergent industry."

Ainsley Brittain, Director of Community at

I highly recommend this course for community builders who want to avoid the overwhelm and feel supported on their building journey.I was seeking guidance on how to grow my early stage community. We spent time thinking about how to seed the community with the right people and experiment with business models that are aligned with our values. It was extremely helpful to learn tactics and frameworks for engagement, marketing strategy, meetups, and tech stacks.One of my key takeaways is that communities are organic beings that grow and change over time. But it's important to have a structured approach to building them so they don't become chaotic or unmanageable.If you show up and do the work, you will make a lot of progress!

Sonali Nigam, Founder & Community Builder at Petminded

I had a dream of creating my own community, but didn't know where to start. Through Build a Community Business, Tatiana gave me the guidance and confidence I needed.After launching my paid community, more members joined than I imagined would be interested. At first, I hadn't even considered charging for my community, but now I intend to grow it and turn it into a decent side income.

Erik Newhard, Second Braingineer & Community Builder

I only had a vague and incomplete idea for my community before I took Build a Community Business.Tatiana walks through the different pieces of a community, from the structure of sub-communities, to technical infrastructure, to marketing, and how all of these components affect the most important aspect, community experience.The core of what I learned was to be introspective about my expectations and aspirations for my community. I realized that I didn't even know who my clients were. Tatiana helped me focus on what I wanted and choose the right strategies and tools to express my vision.

Chris Wong, Founder of Course Clubs

“Tatiana is a great product thinker, community strategist and one of the best thought partners I’ve had as an entrepreneur. What she’s taught me has made a huge impact on the business and I fully recommend her guidance and support. ”

Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative

“Before working with Tatiana I had worked with several business coaches and program creators. I was wanting to take my free Facebook community to a private platform and really create a space that people could feel connected, enriched and supported to grow.I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do this but I knew the quality of what I was wanting to build.What drew me to Tatiana was her experience and skills absolutely but most of all it was her ability to really get what my values were and support me to bring that out into the launch of my new private community. I never felt like she was shoving her way down my throat but instead was receptive, open and offered amazing advice and feedback based on what she felt I was looking for.Tatiana truly interested in the wellbeing of my community. We were practical with financial goals but it wasn’t the focus and as it turned out my first launch with Tatiana exceeded my expectation enormously. I would recommend Tatiana’s support to anyone who wants to create a thriving community part of your business model."

Rebecca Poole, Founder of Health Healing Life


Your first year in BACB includes access to an intensive live learning experience, group coaching support, and a clear roadmap to help you start, pivot or launch.You can choose to join for an initial 3 months to get a sense of the course and the community and cancel anytime during the year. If you're ready to invest in support for your community business, the annual plan includes some perks.

Get instant access to the recorded content and community activities as soon as you join.

Explorer Path

This is a great choice for those who are researching whether a community business is for them. You'll get a 3-month membership, participate in a live cohort and get what you need to test and launch a beta community experience.


  • A clear roadmap with 15 pre-recorded course lessons available on demand as soon as you sign up.

  • A 2-day intensive live learning experience.

  • 2x a month small group coaching to get you unstuck on tech, growth, and everything else.

  • Monthly ongoing live trainings.

  • Additional help and support at member-hosted events, feedback sessions, co-working and hot seats.

  • An 8-week launch roadmap with trainings, templates, and shortcuts to launch or relaunch your community.

  • If you decide to stay, this plan renews quarterly at $475 for your first year.


3-month membership

Expansion Path

If you're ready to commit to lanching and/or growing your community business this year, join us for the full 12-month community experience. During the year you'll get continued support as you launch and iterate on your plan.


  • Everything in Explorer, plus...

  • Peer accountability and support through small groups, starting in your 4th month of membership.

  • 4x a year community business planning sessions to clarify your priorities and goals.

  • Monthly advanced office hours.

  • Access to a library of deep dives, trainings, and databases of ideas and tutorials to help you with specific advanced challenges.

  • Save $360 when you commit to joining for a year.

  • BONUS: Two 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions if you choose our annual plan. ($500 value!)


12-month membership

Ready to get started?

BACB is course within a community.We want you to experience a sense of community with a group of inspiring peers who will spark ideas for your own community. Because of that, it's extra important to us that everyone who joins be values-aligned community business leaders with a bold vision.We hope that's you!If you may be interested in joining, the next step is to take 5 minutes to fill out the short form below. We have open enrollment all year round and will be in touch with you ASAP with all the information on joining.As a bonus, as soon as you're accepted, you'll get access to our training on the 4 types of community businesses and how to pick which to build.There's no pressure and no obligation. We will not talk you into signing up if it's not a good fit.

Hi! I'm Tatiana.

Community Strategist • Business Coach • Circle Expert

When I was 10 my family immigrated to a suburb of NYC from a small town in Brazil. I didn't know anyone and didn't speak English. I remember feeling a deep need to belong in this new place and to find a way to be accepted.That period of my life shaped who I am and what I care about.Since then, everything I've done has somehow been related to connecting people. When I built out international sales territories, I did it by building deep 1:1 relationships. When I led the software teams, I prioritized building community within the team, with our users and through the product we built. In running my own community business, I constantly find new ways to help people find each other and connect.Why am I telling you this?Because your unique approach to belonging and connection has also already been showing up in your life. The things that make you weird, the experiences that only you can claim, and what you see clearly that everyone else is confused about... those things really matter!I believe you should build your community business in a way that feels just right and works for YOU.I have 10+ years of experience building communities online and off. I've personally guided dozens of community founders in launching and sustaining profitable community businesses. And that's what I'd love to help you do too.

“I was completely stuck in the enormity of my community launch date.Tatiana's collaborative process made it easy and fun to launch my community. Her process is seamless and provides the perfect balance of freedom and accountability you need to meet your community goals.Tatiana has a wealth of knowledge and expertise — From figuring out the tech and tools to thinking through member interactions, marketing strategy and long term community experience, she guided me through the processes of launching my community flawlessly.I let 80 beta members into my community all at once and it was an incredible joy to watch them flood the space with so much love and excitement. None of that would be possible without Tatiana and her incredible strategy and vision. If you are building an online community, run to bring Tatiana onto your team."

Carly Valancy, FOUNDER OF Reach out party


What is this course about?

The course is intended to give you the skills necessary to build a community business. That includes designing a community experience, experimenting and validating business models, choosing the right tools and becoming a better leader.What makes this a unique experience is that you'll be learning the practical skills while experiencing them within a community yourself. The intention is to help you not just learn but be able to experience what you're leaning with the support and friendship of fellow community builders.

How much time does this require?

Everything is designed to meet you where you are. We aim for the time spent in the community to be worth your time in the connection, learnings, and revenue that will result in your business.We recommend setting aside a few hours a week when you first join to go through the content. That could be either via a live learning experience or on your own. After your first 4 weeks, you'll share our common language and be able to discern how to make the best of the ongoing events and community.Long-term, even during busy times, we recommend participating in our seasonal planning event 4 times a year, coming to Office Hours once a month, and checking in with the community asynchronously once a week.So that equals out to about 8-12 hours a month on your first month, and 2 hours a month after that. This is what we recommend as a minimum. There's always plenty to participate in, so you'll have lots of opportunities to get much more support if and when you want it.

When is the next cohort?

Sessions for our next live learning experience will happen over 8 hours in 2 days on March 22nd and March 29th at 11 am to 3 pm ET. Click here to convert that time to your own time zone.These sessions are optional! If you can't make them live, everything is recorded and annotated. We are always looking for creative ways to incorporate other time zones into the live sessions and events.Because we have people joining from many different time zones, our community events during the year vary in time so that everyone can attend a few at their preferred time.You don't need to wait until a live learning experience to join. The community has open enrollment for most of the year. Many members find it helpful to join at least a few weeks in advance of the live sessions.

What's your refund policy?

Your success with the course and community experience will depend on your commitment. If this resonates with you and you put in the work, we firmly believe you'll achieve the results you're looking for.That being said, sometimes things aren't what we expect! If within 14 days of joining the course, you find that it's not for you, email us and we'll refund you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you have the option to pay in installments. We charge a small fee for this.

What happens after my first year in the community?

After your first year, you have the option to join the ongoing community at $980/year. Once you lock in this rate, it'll never increase as long as you're a member.

I can't afford this, are there scholarships available?

Yes! If you are building a community business but the full fee to join this is a barrier for any reason, we invite you to apply for a scholarship.There are 2 different types:- One is needs-based and designed to help anyone with financial need to be able to attend, including those living in a part of the world with lower purchasing power.
- The other is designed to increase diversity in our cohort by encouraging people of color, those outside of the binary gender spectrum, and others who are underrepresented in entrepreneurship to join us.
You'll have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship once you've been accepted to join BACB.

How long will I have access to the course?

You’ll have access to the entire video library, events, office hours and community for as long as you're a part of the community. At the end of your initial 3 or 12 months, you'll have an option to continue your journey in the community and retain access to the content.

Have other questions?

Email us at or DM me at @tatfig on Instagram or Twitter.

Looking for something else?

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BACB Basic

  • Access to a 4-week live cohort.

  • Yearlong membership in the BACB community with monthly office hours and workshops.

  • 15 pre-recorded course lessons available on demand as soon as you sign up.



12 monthly installments of $175

BACB Expansion

  • Everything in Basic plus...

  • A personalized community audit with recommendations.

  • Monthly (12) private small group advanced office hours.

  • 1:1 session and community operations audit.



12 monthly installments of $425

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