Build a profitable community that works for you.

Learn a step-by-step method for designing an engaging community experience and growing a profitable business that increases connection and belonging for your members and for you.

"Build a Community Business was brilliantly helpful (and fun).
Tatiana is THE expert on this and has an incredibly calm and supportive manner which makes it all feel possible."

Caroline Goyder, Author & Course Creator

Building a community business can feel like you invited everyone to a party you were super excited about, only to spend the whole time worrying about whether everyone is having a good time.

You want to build a place where people will want to hang out, but worry about contributing to the overwhelming noise of the internet.

With infinite content to consume and new online communities launching every day, how can you create an experience people are happy to pay for?

You can lead a thoughtful community that makes money

Build a Community Business (BACB) is a 6-week course and 1-year community experience in launching and growing a community business that is aligned with your values.

Whether you're just getting started, or have launched but are facing challenges with growth or engagement, this program will help you:

  • Get the peace of mind of a business model that works.

  • Eliminate overwhelm around tools and processes.

  • Attract and enroll new members without feeling sleazy.

  • Feel confident your members are happy and engaged.

  • Distribute leadership and build a community that needs less of you.

  • Make new friends and get support from a friendly community of fellow community leaders.

Starts September 28th.

"Build a Community Business is a brilliant hands-on learning experience and Tatiana is a fabulous instructor and mentor."

Ainsley Brittain, Director of Community at

What you get

BACB Fall Curriculum

Video lessons

A library of video lessons released weekly by theme. Go in order or skip around and choose your own adventure as you apply what you learn.

Live sessions

Weekly sessions help solidify what you're learning by letting you experience the frameworks and concepts in action as a community member.

Live sessions are Tuesdays at 11am ET.

BACB Fall Curriculum
BACB Fall Curriculum


Each week's lesson includes a worksheet to summarize the concepts and help you apply what you learn to your own community business.

Office Hours

Optional drop-in time to get all your questions answered on the week's theme. Brainstorm and troubleshoot challenges with a group of your peers. After the 6 week course, office hours continue monthly.

Office hours are Thursdays at 11am ET.

BACB Fall Curriculum
BACB Fall Curriculum

Private Community

1 year access to the community on Circle where you'll continue to be supported via ongoing events and accountability after the 6 weeks of the course.

Accountability groups

Option to get matched with peers with complementary skills and knowledge for ongoing structured meetings for peer learning and support.

BACB Fall Curriculum

What you'll learn

The 6-week curriculum for Build a Community Business covers the topics below. The 6 weeks are designed to be an actionable introduction to the topics while the yearlong community membership helps you troubleshoot as you go deeper and apply the learnings in your community.

The content is separated into short video lessons. You're invited to choose your own adventure week-to-week, skip what's not helpful to you and learn at your own pace.


BACB Fall Curriculum

Lessons by Week

Week 1 — Why are we here?
Founder Story, Belonging & Connection

Week 2 — Who are you gathering?
Community Business Models, Validation

Week 3 — What will you do together?
Bird's Eye View, Crafting Offers

Week 4 — How will you make money?
Channels, Community Funnel, Pricing

Week 5 — How will you make it all work?
Onboarding, Project Management, Automation, Platforms

Week 6 — What's the long term plan?
Engagement, Scaling Leadership

This course is for you if...

  • You're launching a brand new course or membership offer and don't know where to start with building community.

  • You want to make community a core part of your business model.

  • You have an existing community that's not living up to its potential.

  • You have a free community that you want to start charging for.

  • You're running a community that is draining your energy.

It is not for you if...

  • You're building a free community, that you don't plan to turn into a business.

  • Building relationships between your members is not a priority for you.

  • You see community as a trendy new opportunity you can bolt on to your business.

  • You don't have time for the work necessary to build a thoughtful, values-aligned community.

  • You're building anything that anyone might describe as a cult.


Course & Community

  • 6-week course with videos, live lessons and office hours.

  • 1-year access to a growing library of content including guest workshops.

  • 1-year access to community with office hours and peer-led small groups.


for 6 months



One-time payment
Save $120

+ Coaching

Course & Community, plus six 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions + email feedback. A good option if you're looking for individual support.


Payment plans available.

Our next cohort starts on September 28th
Want to learn more? The next step is to schedule a quick call.


If you are building a community business but the full fee to join this is a barrier for any reason, we invite you to apply for a scholarship.

There are 2 different types:

One is needs-based and designed to help anyone with financial need to be able to attend, including those living in a part of the world with lower purchasing power.The other is designed to increase diversity in our cohort by encouraging people of color, those outside of the binary gender spectrum and others who are underrepresented in entrepreneurship to join us.
There are 4 levels available: full scholarships, 75% off, half off and 25% off.

We review applications on a rolling basis and plan to make quick decisions. We hope to award scholarships to a quarter of the total participants.

Stories from students & clients

I had a dream of creating my own community, but didn't know where to start. Through Build a Community Business, Tatiana gave me the guidance and confidence I needed.

After launching my paid community, more members joined than I imagined would be interested. At first, I hadn't even considered charging for my community, but now I intend to grow it and turn it into a decent side income.

Erik Newhard, Second Braingineer & Community Builder

“Build a Community Business is brilliant hands-on learning experience and Tatiana is a fabulous instructor and mentor.

I was beta testing a community when I took the course, transitioning it from free to paid, making marketing, technology, and content decisions every day, and iterating new features every week. It was overwhelming!

Tatiana provided a framework that grounded every step and connected every piece of the community building (and growing!) process. Her content and insights are unparalleled in this emergent industry."

Ainsley Brittain, Director of Community at

I highly recommend this course for community builders who want to avoid the overwhelm and feel supported on their building journey.

I was seeking guidance on how to grow my early stage community. We spent time thinking about how to seed the community with the right people and experiment with business models that are aligned with our values. It was extremely helpful to learn tactics and frameworks for engagement, marketing strategy, meetups, and tech stacks.

One of my key takeaways is that communities are organic beings that grow and change over time. But it's important to have a structured approach to building them so they don't become chaotic or unmanageable.

If you show up and do the work, you will make a lot of progress in 6 weeks!

Sonali Nigam, Founder & Community Builder at Petminded

“Tatiana is a great product thinker, community strategist and one of the best thought partners I’ve had as an entrepreneur. What she’s taught me has made a huge impact on the business and I fully recommend her guidance and support. ”

Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative

Build a Community Business was brilliantly helpful (and fun).

Tatiana is THE expert on this and has an incredibly calm and supportive manner which makes it all feel possible.

A massive epiphany from the course was to see a community as a mirror of my friendship style that as an introvert I can/should create a community that is authentic to my style. Having been through it I feel armed to get going on my community journey.

Caroline Goyder, Author & Course Creator

I only had a vague and incomplete idea for my community before I took Build a Community Business.

Tatiana walks through the different pieces of a community, from the structure of sub-communities, to technical infrastructure, to marketing, and how all of these components affect the most important aspect, community experience.

The core of what I learned was to be introspective about my expectations and aspirations for my community. I realized that I didn't even know who my clients were. Tatiana helped me focus on what I wanted and choose the right strategies and tools to express my vision.

Chris Wong, Founder of Course Clubs

“Before working with Tatiana I had worked with several business coaches and program creators. I was wanting to take my free Facebook community to a private platform and really create a space that people could feel connected, enriched and supported to grow.

I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do this but I knew the quality of what I was wanting to build.

What drew me to Tatiana was her experience and skills absolutely but most of all it was her ability to really get what my values were and support me to bring that out into the launch of my new private community. I never felt like she was shoving her way down my throat but instead was receptive, open and offered amazing advice and feedback based on what she felt I was looking for.

Tatiana truly interested in the wellbeing of my community. We were practical with financial goals but it wasn’t the focus and as it turned out my first launch with Tatiana exceeded my expectation enormously. I would recommend Tatiana’s support to anyone who wants to create a thriving community part of your business model."

Rebecca Poole, Founder of Health Healing Life

“Working with Tatiana has revolutionized my business. Before her coaching, I had put together one online course and wanted to create a community feel, but I was doing everything by hand in inefficient ways. The work was endless and the profit meager. One year later, I have created 4 more successful online courses and a thriving online community with hundreds of members who interact regularly. I highly recommend bringing her into your projects."

Woniya Thibeault, Founder of Buckskin Revolution

“I was completely stuck in the enormity of all of the small tasks that needed to be done before my launch date before working with Tatiana.

Tatiana's collaborative process made it easy and fun to launch my community. Her process is seamless and provides the perfect balance of freedom and accountability you need to meet your community goals.

Tatiana has a wealth of knowledge and expertise — From figuring out the tech and tools to thinking through member interactions, marketing strategy and long term community experience, she guided me through the processes of launching my community flawlessly.

I let 80 beta members into my community all at once and it was an incredible joy to watch them flood the space with so much love and excitement. None of that would be possible without Tatiana and her incredible strategy and vision. If you are building an online community, run to bring Tatiana onto your team."

Carly Valancy, FOUNDER OF Reach out party

Hi! I'm Tatiana.

Community Strategist • Business Coach • Circle Expert

When I was 10 my family immigrated to a suburb of NYC from a small town in Brazil. I didn't know anyone and didn't speak English. I remember feeling a deep need to belong in this new place and to find a way to be accepted.

That was the most significant period of my life in shaping who I am and what I care about. I'm interested in building community because a lack of belonging is a problem I've experienced and had to solve for myself, most urgently during those first months as an awkward 4th grader in a new country.

Since then, everything I've done has somehow been related to connecting people. When I built out international sales territories, I did it by building deep 1:1 relationships. When I led the software teams, I prioritized building community within the team, with our users and through the product we built. In running my own community business, I constantly find new ways to help people find each other and connect.

Why am I telling you this?

Because your unique approach to belonging and connection has also already been showing up in your life. The things that make you weird, the experiences that only you can claim, and what you see clearly that everyone else is confused about... those things really matter!

My goal is to guide you in building your community business in a way that feels just right and works for YOU.

Read more about me here.

"I highly recommend this course for community builders who want to avoid the overwhelm and feel supported on their building journey."

Sonali Nigam, Founder & Community Builder at Petminded

Interested? Have questions?

Build a Community Business is course within a community.

We want you to experience a sense of community with a group of inspiring peers who will spark ideas for your own community. Because of that, it's extra important to us that everyone who joins be values-aligned community business founders or leaders.

We hope that's you!

If you might be interested in joining, the next step is to schedule a short call. I'll tell you more about what we've planned for you and answer any questions you might have.

Together we will determine if this course and community is a good fit for you and the current stage of your business.

There's no pressure and no obligation. I will not talk you into signing up if it's not a good fit.

or email us at


What is this course about?

The course is intended to give you a foundation in the skills necessary to build a community business. That includes designing a community experience, experimenting and validating business models, choosing the right tools and becoming a better leader.

What makes this a unique experience is that you'll be learning the practical skills while experiencing them within a community yourself. The intention is to help you not just learn but be able to experience what you're leaning with the support and friendship of fellow community builders.

What time are the live sessions?

Most live sessions will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am Eastern time. Click here to convert that time to your own time zone.

Although recordings are available and you can get a lot out of the course without joining the live sessions, we highly recommend you join live for the full experience.

If you'd like to join the course but the above time doesn't work for you, please email us and let us know! We would love to find a creative way to incorporate other time zones into the live sessions.

What's your refund policy?

Because your success with the course and community experience depend on your commitment, and because you get access to a lot of the value as soon as you join, we do not offer refunds.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, for both the course & community and the coaching add-on, you have the option to pay in monthly installments over 6 months. We charge a small fee for this.

How long will I have access to the course?

Starting with the 6-week live course, you’ll have access to the entire video library, events, office hours and community for a total of 12 months.

Have other questions?

Email us at

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